Watch Care



Our core focus has always been utilising materials with exceptional quality paired with impeccable  craftsmanship, an adage that  ensures our owners not only take pleasure using our products with confidence, but also have a peace of mind that it will weather through time. The meticulous selection and testing of mechanical components to the usage of high grade steel in our watches, buckles and hardware. Every component comes with a quality guarantee that Viktor Alexander products shared across all product categories.

From the finest leather to the purity of natural gemstones, Viktor Alexander strives to impart excellence in design and quality for a demanding and discerning purveyor of fine products.


Our timepiece comes with a guarantee and peace of mind that our team of expert watchmakers and customer service representative will always be ready to assist for any unlikely complications.

Each timepiece comes with an international warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. In the event where any hard knocks or dropping of the watches that could potential cause internal damages, our team will be available to ensure efficient and prompt servicing of the watch. Any mechanical timepiece is complex comprising hundreds of components and require time for repairs and servicing. We will do our best to return it to our valued owners within 6 to 8 weeks upon receiving the watch.



Viktor Alexander utilizes 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel crafted to endure strenuous activities and natural wear and tear. Being able to withstand harsh chemicals, high pressure and more resistant to scratches, stainless steel is the optimal material used in most utilitarian or sports watches. We advice cleaning the metal using a soft brush with mild soap to remove any dirt on the surface or trapped in the crevices.


Viktor Alexander throughout its history has worked with multiple precious metals from silver, palladium, platinum to 18 carat gold variants. Working with metals sourced ethically from ISO approved mines across Australia, Brazil to Africa. Every product stamped with an 14k/18k AU carries the hallmark of Viktor Alexander seal that ensures the gold products are manufactured according to international luxury standards. Representing one of the most precious metals across the globe, gold crafted in jewellery and watches can be highly valuable especially in value retention. It can also often be passed on as legacy to the next generation and therefore we recommend our customers to avoid hard knocks and deep scratches that require extensive repairs. Gold is highly inactive and rarely reacts with chemicals but we suggest keeping this precious metal away from acidic or alkaline liquids or detergents. You can use gold polishing cloths or premium liquid cleansers to clean the surface of the metal with a soft brush or c


Lightweight, study and hardy in nature. Titanium is a metal often used for keeping a bigger, chunky case lighter while maintaining its resistant to scratches and our watches utilizes Grade 3- Grade 5 titanium. It is also much harder to mill through titanium due to the incredibly strength of the bonds within the metal that will often wear

down tools and machines used to craft these cases. The process of milling and crafting titanium cases are often costly due to the usage of specialized machinery and replacement of parts that results in a higher production price. Overall, an incredibly versatile material popularized today for watchmaking. The case can be cleaned using soft brushes paired with mild soap to remove any dirt or stains.


Incredibly strong and resistant to scratches, ceramic cases and bezel provides an almost everlasting glow and lustre to the case and bezel as it doesn’t scratch, dent or damage easily. We would advice to keeping your ceramic bezel or case away from diamond or sapphires what are the only strongest materials available that can inflict cosmetic damage on ceramic surfaces. Used often in ladies timepieces due to it’s glowing allure, ceramic cases and bracelets can weather through time and subjected to rough use and high wear and tear. Though, an intense impact to the case surface may potentially also crack the case and therefore we always advice our customers to exercise care in not dropping your ceramic watches or bezels.



Our watches are powered by an in-house automatic and manual winding movements. Equipped with a rotor, automatic movements are great mechanical additions in our sports diving timepieces that are also chronometer certified.

All automatic movement comes with a rotor that winds the watch movement through your daily activities. There are two options in which you can initiate the mechanism within your timepiece by either winding the crown in a clockwise direction or by rotating your wrist several times.


Some series of our watches are equipped with a manual winding movement that requires the watches to be manually wound through the crown to power the movement and often require delicate handling to not over wind the power reserve. With exquisite decoration and finishing on our timepieces, each movement is engineered with Swiss precision standards to ensure the watch functions efficiently through the decades.


GMT and Worldtimer timepieces are often equipped with two time zones with the second time zone indicated through a fourth indicator on the dial. You may adjust the timing by pulling the crown outwards marginally until you feel a click. Once you hear the first click, you can adjust the date by turning the crown clockwise and the GMT second time zone by turning the crown anti-clockwise. By further pulling the crown outwards and feeling the second click, this will allow you to adjust the general time.

For Worldtimer timepieces, the rotating bezel with different cities indicated will further assist in indicating the home time and second time zone.


Viktor Alexander timepieces equipped with a chronograph movement are chronometer certified to ensure accurate timekeeping. The most important aspect before initiating the chronograph is to ensure your watch has sufficient energy release by the spring barrel. Always ensure your chronograph has 30% power reserve before initiating the chronograph, you should always wind the watch 20 rotations clockwise before initiating the chronograph pusher if you have not used your watch across a period of time or kept idle across 24 hours.

The top pusher will initiate the chronograph. The bottom pusher will reset the chronograph back to its neutral position. Click only once to initiate and reset the chronograph, multiple intense pushes together may damage the delicate mechanism.


All Viktor Alexander timepieces are made to the finest international standards. To ensure the watch remains efficient throughout the years, we recommend that you send the watch for servicing once every 5 years from the date of purchase. For all servicing needs, please contact us on our website or visit our nearest boutique or authorized retailer.

You may also have the option to visit a specialized experience watch servicing centre or watchmaker who are able to assist in servicing your watch. However, we would advice against any attempt to open and remove any components yourself as this may potentially damage the watch and result in ordering replacement components for any damaged parts.

Should you keep your watch in a winder that operates 365 days a year. We would recommend the servicing period be after 3 years upon purchase.

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