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Custom crafted from natural malachite stone, this charm is compatible and easily changeable with Regalia bracelets and also worn as pendants.







CHARM MATERIAL:Natural Malachite Gemstone
USAGE:Regalia Bracelet Charm / Pendant Charm
CHARM DIMENSION:14.5 x 14.5mm




Found abundantly in Russia, Africa, United States and Asutralia, Malachite exist naturally various shades of light to dark green and is often characterized by bands of light and dark variations. Popularized by ancient empires and kings, the stone is a symbol of wealth and power dating back beyond 2000 years where Egyptians believe it being used for the passage into the afterlife.

A soft gemstone with a hardness of 3.5-4, Malachite requires extra care and is often used in pendants and earrings in jewellery. Avoid hard knocks that can chip or crack this delicate gemstone but with proper care, this beautiful green stone can last a lifetime.


All Viktor Alexander Products are manufactured with the finest materials in accordance with stringent international luxury standards. From the ethical sourcing of gemstones to the usage of pure, non-recycled metal, quality is upheld at all cost. Each piece is handmade, with hours of intensive labour invested into crafting, setting and finishing each product individually, adding exclusitivity and artisanal craftmanship with every piece created.


Jewellery can last a lifetime with proper and regular maintenance, please follow the maintenance guide below:-

  • When not in use, store it within the pouch provided by the brand.
  • You must avoid direct exposure with chemicals such as perfume, grease, alcohol-based chemicals that can cause severe tarnishing or damage on the metal surface.
  • Gently clean any jewellery with specialized silver and gold polishing cloth or solutions without the usage of an harmful chemicals. You may alternatively bring the product for cleaning and polishing at our authorized retailer or boutiques as well as your trusted professional jewellers.
  • Avoid regular exposure to moisture that can cause tarnishing to silver and gold. Use a clean cloth to regularly wipe and remove grease and dirt on the silver or gold surfaces.
  • Plating on the surface may be easily scratched and removed by rough use or over polishing, please exercise restraint and caution when wearing your jewellery products.
  • Avoid contact with rough or abrasive surface or materials that can scratch and cause irreversible damage to the product and gemstones.
  • Any servicing or repairs should be carried out by professional jewellers or authorized repair centres.


Gemstones used in Viktor Alexander products are 100% natural and exudes different properties of hardness, lustre and colour. All natural gemstones contain flaws such as crystals, silks, and inclusions that should not be viewed as a defect or imperfections.

  • Do not expose gemstone to intense or direct hear that can damage or alter the natural properties of the gemstone.
  • Avoid hard knocks or rough surfaces that can permanently damage or potentially dislodge these natural gemstones. Chemicals may also cause gemstones to change its natural properties especially harmful chemicals such as acid or artificial colourings.
  • Gently clean gemstones with cotton pads or swabs to remove dirt and grease on the gemstones. We do not encourage ultrasonic cleaners as it can potentially loosen or dislodge gemstones.
  • Any gemstones that become dislodged can be replaced by an authorized service center or boutique. Please do not attempt to re-set the gemstone on your own as it may cause further damage or breakage to the gemstones and jewellery.

Our sales representative are always at your disposal should you need further information or assistance.


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