Top grain calf leather in Epsom leather, easily detachable from any 35mm buckle.





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STYLE:Quick Detachable Belt with 3 holes
LEATHER TYPE:Top Grain Calf Leather
SIZING OPTIONS:Euro 85-110 / 100cm-125cm
STAMPING:Made in Italy


Utilitarian and versatile for almost every occasion, the Epsom leather is crafted from a highly durable top grain calf leather and is scratch resistant due to the special finishing on the surface leather. Although the leather is stiffer than most regular Viktor Alexander belts, it is unmatched in durability and can weather through long durations of wear. This series of belts are created for both formal and leisure occasions and can be easily matched with any 35mm Viktor Alexander Hook buckles or Screw-in Buckles of your choice.

It is also reversible in which you can utilize the backing black colour base for formal occasions.


All Viktor Alexander products are manufactured with the highest quality materials, which are ethically sourced from the finest tanneries in the world to ensure durability, comfort and elegance. All leather are 100% natural, slight colour variations and small imperfections can exist on the leather, even for the finest and most luxurious skins as these are rare, non-mass produced leather sourced often sourced naturally from nature. These are also part of the natural characteristics of the animal and should not be considered imperfections or defects. You may alternatively request for professional assistance from our trained customer service representative for more information on different types of leather.


To enjoy your bag or accessory for a long period of time and to preserve its natural characteristics, we recommend you pay attention to the following:-

  • The finest materials should be handled with extra care like any other precious material by avoiding rough usage across its lifetime.
  • In order to retain its original shape, it must not be over-filled especially with heavy items as it will also prevent damage to the shoulder strap, fasteners and clasps.
  • You should avoid exposing contact with direct water or chemicals, which can potentially damage the leather, casing irreversible changes to the leather. Discolouration may occur when leather absorbs moisture and oils form your skin, please exercise additional care when using our leather products.
  • With exposure to humidity, be sure to absorb any moisture immediately using a soft dry cloth. Do not wipe it vigorously but instead pad it with a soft cotton fabric.
  • Avoid prolong exposure to direct sunlight or intense artificial heat as it may cause the colour of the leather to fade.
  • Avoid contact with grease, cream, perfume and oil based make-up.
  • Avoid contact with rough or abrasive materials that can damage the surface of the leather.


  • In the event of stain, use only specialized cleaning products designed for leather goods. Alternatively, consider sending the bag for professional bag spa or leather specialist.
  • Grease marks can be removed with unscented talcum powder. Put it on the grease spot, keep overnight and brush it off with a soft bristle brush.
  • Minor scratches can potentially be removed by rubbing gently on the scratch using a circular movement and a clean dry finger.
  • Clean metal parts of precious metal such as gold, palladium with chamois leather cleaner. They may tarnish over a prolonged period of time or exposure to harsh chemicals. You may also enquire assistance from your nearest boutique.
  • “pony” leather should only be cleaned with a dry cloth or soft brush by brushing it in the same direction as the hair.
  • Materials such as crocodile, lizard, python or ostrich and sensitive to light and abrasion. Please take special care and avoid storing in places with high heat or humidity.

Your leather goods especially bags come with a special dust pouch or bag for additional protection. You may also consider stuffing your bag with tissue paper and storing it upright in its cover. The tissue will assist in moisture absorption while keeping the bag in shape. Exercise extra care when not using the bag by ensuring the steel chains are not directly compressing on the surface of the leather. You could alternatively remove the chains and store it separately.

Our sales representative are available should you need further information or assistance.


32.5 – 34.5” 83 – 88cm85
34.5- 36.5”88 – 93cm90
36 – 38”92 – 97cm95
38.5 – 40.5”98 – 103cm100
40.5 – 42.5”103 – 108cm105
42 – 44”107 – 112 cm110


* please note that there are 3 holes punched on the belt, the hole closest to the buckle when the belt is worn on the waist represents the smallest possible option, each subsequent hole increment represents 2.5cm with the total option for sizes being up to 5cm.

We recommend always going for the first or second belt hole when selecting sizing according to your actual waist size. For example:-

Waist 91cm = Optimal belt size would be SIZE 95 (1st belt hole) but you could also wear SIZE 90 (3rd belt hole)

Waist 102cm = Optimal belt size would be SIZE 105 (1st belt hole), but you could also wear SIZE 100 (3rd belt hole)

If unsure, you may contact us to recommend the optimal sizing for you once you have provided us with your waist measurement.


We value every customer that chooses to purchase our products online. We guarantee all authenticity of our products advertised within this website and to ensure a smooth delivery process, we offer you complimentary shipping for total purchases above USD 250. For total purchases under USD250, we will charge a minimal shipping fees based on the continent and country when you fill in your delivery details.

Complimentary free shipping generally takes 7-14 days from the initial placement and confirmation order. For shipping enquiries, you may also contact enquiries@viktoralexander.co with the order number provided to you.

Alternatively, we have an option in which our customers may choose expedited shipping via a global network of logistics provider such as FED Ex, UPS or DHL, which will incur additional shipping cost. The cost is calculated based on our system and range between USD15-USD30 and will be charged together with the total upon checkout should you opt for Express Shipping. Express Shipping generally deliver within 3-5 days upon confirmation of order and payment.

For more information, you may chat or email us.


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9537.4"9542 / 32
10039.4"10044 / 34
10541.3"10546 / 36
11043.3"11048 / 38
12047.2"12050 / 40
* Measure either your upper/lower waist depending on where you like your pants to sit on waist
* There are usually 4 holes on the belt, which will allow you to alternate between suitable sizing
* We follow international European sizing used by most luxury brands, mirroring similar sizing