Glazed high shine natural crocodile leather bracelet, suitable to be worn as bracelets or paired with watches.




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STYLE:24mm Watch Strap / 24mm Crocodile Bracelet
LEATHER TYPE:Natural Niloticus Crocodile Leather
SIZING OPTIONS:Self-adjustable (Wrist Size S-L)
STAMPING:Viktor Alexander



Equal in stature, both crocodile and alligator though are different species, but the leather are distinct only to connoisseurs who collect them like precious gemstones. Crocodiles have the capacity to grow much larger than alligators and are used in large leather goods such as document carriers, weekenders up to golf bags. Alligators are often crafted and used in smaller products such as watch straps and wallets to medium size bags. Crocodiles comes in various species that are distributed across the globe but the most used in the leather trade includes species such as Niloticus from Africa, Siamensis in South East Asia, Porosus in South East Asia and Novaeguineae commonly found in the Pacific Islands. Each leather is uniquely distinctive only to the expert eyes but its rarity lies in the scarcity of the leather as compared to commercial leather used in the luxury industry. Though crocodiles can now be farmed and bred in captivity instead of being wild caught in the past, it can often take up to 3 years for juveniles to grow before it can be utilized  in small products and up to 5 years and beyond to be crafted into larger products.

Most connoisseurs concur that the crocodile/ alligator leather is the apex of luxury with some bags crafted in these leather costing up to USD100,000 per bag, bagging it the crown of the most collectible and desirable of all exotic leathers. Leather goods crafted from crocodile and from known brand names are often highly capable of retaining its value with some making history in auction houses. Viktor Alexander works with only the top three tanneries that supply these leathers to only the top luxury brands in the world.


The various finishing on crocodile leather requires different attention to care. Often available in either the Safari with medium shine to Glazed high gloss finishing, each type of finishing demands a specific type of care. The Safari finishing with medium lustre can be maintained using regular natural oil or leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple and can be wiped with a soft cotton cloth in a circular polishing action. The glazed/ high gloss finishing does not require any products but only be buffed or polished using a soft cotton cloth in a bi-directional action to maintain its high shine lustre. Both types of finishing should be kept away from any moisture or liquid that can potentially damage or stain the leather causing irreparable damage. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and heat and avoid knocks or scratches on rough surfaces that can permanently damage the leather.

For further information, you may approach your nearest boutique or authorized retailer.


All Viktor Alexander products are manufactured with the highest quality materials, which are ethically sourced from the finest tanneries in the world to ensure durability, comfort and elegance. All leather are 100% natural, slight colour variations and small imperfections can exist on the leather, even for the finest and most luxurious skins as these are rare, non-mass produced leather sourced often sourced naturally from nature. These are also part of the natural characteristics of the animal and should not be considered imperfections or defects. You may alternatively request for professional assistance from our trained customer service representative for more information on different types of leather.


To enjoy your bag or accessory for a long period of time and to preserve its natural characteristics, we recommend you pay attention to the following:-

  • The finest materials should be handled with extra care like any other precious material by avoiding rough usage across its lifetime.
  • In order to retain its original shape, it must not be over-filled especially with heavy items as it will also prevent damage to the shoulder strap, fasteners and clasps.
  • You should avoid exposing contact with direct water or chemicals, which can potentially damage the leather, casing irreversible changes to the leather. Discolouration may occur when leather absorbs moisture and oils form your skin, please exercise additional care when using our leather products.
  • With exposure to humidity, be sure to absorb any moisture immediately using a soft dry cloth. Do not wipe it vigorously but instead pad it with a soft cotton fabric.
  • Avoid prolong exposure to direct sunlight or intense artificial heat as it may cause the colour of the leather to fade.
  • Avoid contact with grease, cream, perfume and oil based make-up.
  • Avoid contact with rough or abrasive materials that can damage the surface of the leather.


  • In the event of stain, use only specialized cleaning products designed for leather goods. Alternatively, consider sending the bag for professional bag spa or leather specialist.
  • Grease marks can be removed with unscented talcum powder. Put it on the grease spot, keep overnight and brush it off with a soft bristle brush.
  • Minor scratches can potentially be removed by rubbing gently on the scratch using a circular movement and a clean dry finger.
  • Clean metal parts of precious metal such as gold, palladium with chamois leather cleaner. They may tarnish over a prolonged period of time or exposure to harsh chemicals. You may also enquire assistance from your nearest boutique.
  • “pony” leather should only be cleaned with a dry cloth or soft brush by brushing it in the same direction as the hair.
  • Materials such as crocodile, lizard, python or ostrich and sensitive to light and abrasion. Please take special care and avoid storing in places with high heat or humidity.

Your leather goods especially bags come with a special dust pouch or bag for additional protection. You may also consider stuffing your bag with tissue paper and storing it upright in its cover. The tissue will assist in moisture absorption while keeping the bag in shape. Exercise extra care when not using the bag by ensuring the steel chains are not directly compressing on the surface of the leather. You could alternatively remove the chains and store it separately.

Our sales representative are available should you need further information or assistance.


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