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925 Silver Charm easily detachable from any 12mm genuine crocodile belt.





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GEMSTONE 1 TYPE:Natural White Zircon
GEMSTONE 1 WEIGHT:0.9 carats
GEMSTONE 2 TYPE:Natural Ruby
GEMSTONE 2 WEIGHT:0.1 carats
PLATING:18 carat White Gold
STYLE:Quick Detachable Belt with 3 holes
LEATHER TYPE:Natural Niloticus Crocodile Leather



All Viktor Alexander Products are manufactured with the finest materials in accordance with stringent international luxury standards. From the ethical sourcing of gemstones to the usage of pure, non-recycled metal, quality is upheld at all cost. Each piece is handmade, with hours of intensive labour invested into crafting, setting and finishing each product individually, adding exclusitivity and artisanal craftmanship with every piece created.


Jewellery can last a lifetime with proper and regular maintenance, please follow the maintenance guide below:-

  • When not in use, store it within the pouch provided by the brand.
  • You must avoid direct exposure with chemicals such as perfume, grease, alcohol-based chemicals that can cause severe tarnishing or damage on the metal surface.
  • Gently clean any jewellery with specialized silver and gold polishing cloth or solutions without the usage of an harmful chemicals. You may alternatively bring the product for cleaning and polishing at our authorized retailer or boutiques as well as your trusted professional jewellers.
  • Avoid regular exposure to moisture that can cause tarnishing to silver and gold. Use a clean cloth to regularly wipe and remove grease and dirt on the silver or gold surfaces.
  • Plating on the surface may be easily scratched and removed by rough use or over polishing, please exercise restraint and caution when wearing your jewellery products.
  • Avoid contact with rough or abrasive surface or materials that can scratch and cause irreversible damage to the product and gemstones.
  • Any servicing or repairs should be carried out by professional jewellers or authorized repair centres.


Gemstones used in Viktor Alexander products are 100% natural and exudes different properties of hardness, lustre and colour. All natural gemstones contain flaws such as crystals, silks, and inclusions that should not be viewed as a defect or imperfections.

  • Do not expose gemstone to intense or direct hear that can damage or alter the natural properties of the gemstone.
  • Avoid hard knocks or rough surfaces that can permanently damage or potentially dislodge these natural gemstones. Chemicals may also cause gemstones to change its natural properties especially harmful chemicals such as acid or artificial colourings.
  • Gently clean gemstones with cotton pads or swabs to remove dirt and grease on the gemstones. We do not encourage ultrasonic cleaners as it can potentially loosen or dislodge gemstones.
  • Any gemstones that become dislodged can be replaced by an authorized service center or boutique. Please do not attempt to re-set the gemstone on your own as it may cause further damage or breakage to the gemstones and jewellery.

Our sales representative are always at your disposal should you need further information or assistance.


To enjoy your bag or accessory for a long period of time and to preserve its natural characteristics, we recommend you pay attention to the following:-

  • The finest materials should be handled with extra care like any other precious material by avoiding rough usage across its lifetime.
  • In order to retain its original shape, it must not be over-filled especially with heavy items as it will also prevent damage to the shoulder strap, fasteners and clasps.
  • You should avoid exposing contact with direct water or chemicals, which can potentially damage the leather, casing irreversible changes to the leather. Discolouration may occur when leather absorbs moisture and oils form your skin, please exercise additional care when using our leather products.
  • With exposure to humidity, be sure to absorb any moisture immediately using a soft dry cloth. Do not wipe it vigorously but instead pad it with a soft cotton fabric.
  • Avoid prolong exposure to direct sunlight or intense artificial heat as it may cause the colour of the leather to fade.
  • Avoid contact with grease, cream, perfume and oil based make-up.
  • Avoid contact with rough or abrasive materials that can damage the surface of the leather.


  • In the event of stain, use only specialized cleaning products designed for leather goods. Alternatively, consider sending the bag for professional bag spa or leather specialist.
  • Grease marks can be removed with unscented talcum powder. Put it on the grease spot, keep overnight and brush it off with a soft bristle brush.
  • Minor scratches can potentially be removed by rubbing gently on the scratch using a circular movement and a clean dry finger.
  • Clean metal parts of precious metal such as gold, palladium with chamois leather cleaner. They may tarnish over a prolonged period of time or exposure to harsh chemicals. You may also enquire assistance from your nearest boutique.
  • “pony” leather should only be cleaned with a dry cloth or soft brush by brushing it in the same direction as the hair.
  • Materials such as crocodile, lizard, python or ostrich and sensitive to light and abrasion. Please take special care and avoid storing in places with high heat or humidity.

Your leather goods especially bags come with a special dust pouch or bag for additional protection. You may also consider stuffing your bag with tissue paper and storing it upright in its cover. The tissue will assist in moisture absorption while keeping the bag in shape. Exercise extra care when not using the bag by ensuring the steel chains are not directly compressing on the surface of the leather. You could alternatively remove the chains and store it separately.

Our sales representative are available should you need further information or assistance.



Ruby is a highly prized gemstone sought after by gem collectors and connoisseurs due to it rarity and association across centuries with royalties. Often, its intense blood red variants being one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world fetching top dollar beyond diamonds. Classified as a precious gemstone together with sapphires, diamonds and emeralds, top qualities rubies such as the Pigeon Blood variant from Burma and Africa can command up to USD10,000 per carat. Viktor Alexander is a master of sapphires, Ruby has the exact similar composition with sapphire family comprising of Corundum with a hardness of 9 on MOH’s scale.

Existing from medium pinkish hues to deep intense maroon-ish red tones, the classification of rubies sometimes can overlap especially in lighter tones with pink sapphires. Rubies with excellent lustre and deep blood red tones are highly prized due to its rarity and collectability. From the finest Pigeon Blood Ruby to the commercially mined variants, every ruby used within our product undertakes stringent quality control and are 100% natural with the addition of minor heat treatment.

Viktor Alexander specializes in sourcing and cutting Rubies from ethically and credibly mines to ensure that gemstones used within our products are conflict free and ethically produced to international luxury standards. It is natural for gemstones to sometimes exude very minor inclusions not visible to the naked eye and is not considered a defect but part of the characteristics of natural mined gemstones. As every gemstone is natural, some minor colour variations might exist and should not be considered a defect.

For further information, contact your nearest sales associate at our authorized dealer or Viktor Alexander boutiques.


White Zircon is a 100% natural and transparent semi-precious gemstone that is colourless that can be often be confused with man-made cubic zirconia. Natural white zircons are mined from Africa to Asia Pacific and are segregated according to clarity and translucent with top grade stones fetching commendable prices. These stones are often used as growing substitute for diamonds and white sapphires as they are less expensive but exude similar appearance to the untrained eye due to its transparent colourless nature and its high refractive index at 1.9-2.0. There is a growing demand for 18k jewellery set with inexpensive gemstone alternatives instead of man-made gemstones and white zircon has risen to the challenge being a natural mined gemstone and an excellent alternative to diamonds without the fancy exorbitant price. It is a gemstone with relative hardness of 7.5 on Mohs Scale softer in comparison to white sapphires at 9 and diamonds 10 at on Mohs Scale of hardness.

These natural stones are currently available from small millimetre sizes up to 4-5 carats and available in various shapes and sizes. As with all gemstones, the clarity plays a vital determinant in the price with loupe clean stones commanding good prices. Viktor Alexander specially sources its natural white zircon from Africa and Australia to specially cut and set within the brand’s jewellery and accessories. It is natural for gemstones to sometimes exude very minor inclusions not visible to the naked eye and is not considered a defect but part of the characteristics of natural mined gemstones. As every gemstone is natural, some minor colour variations might exist and should not be considered a defect.

For further information, contact your nearest sales associate at our authorized dealer or Viktor Alexander boutiques.


We value every customer that chooses to purchase our products online. We guarantee all authenticity of our products advertised within this website and to ensure a smooth delivery process, we offer you complimentary shipping for total purchases above USD 250. For total purchases under USD250, we will charge a minimal shipping fees based on the continent and country when you fill in your delivery details.

Complimentary free shipping generally takes 7-14 days from the initial placement and confirmation order. For shipping enquiries, you may also contact enquiries@viktoralexander.co with the order number provided to you.

Alternatively, we have an option in which our customers may choose expedited shipping via a global network of logistics provider such as FED Ex, UPS or DHL, which will incur additional shipping cost. The cost is calculated based on our system and range between USD15-USD30 and will be charged together with the total upon checkout should you opt for Express Shipping. Express Shipping generally deliver within 3-5 days upon confirmation of order and payment.

For more information, you may chat or email us.

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