Jewellery Care


All Viktor Alexander products are manufactured in accordance with stringent international luxury standards. From the ethical sourcing of natural precious gemstones such as ruby, sapphires, emerald and diamonds, to the usage of pure, non-recycled precious metals, quality is upheld above all. Our brand prides itself in precision, from meticulous hand-setting techniques to patented coating techniques perfected in-house. Our master technicians ensure excellence in every piece delivered to our customers. At Viktor Alexander, we pride ourselves in craftmanship and every product undergoes multiple steps of hand setting, hand polishing and machine plating to ensure the final product has undergone vigorous quality control procedures.


Tarnishing is a natural reaction when sterling silver is in the presence of salt water, air pollutants or everyday items that contain sulphur, such as leather, rubber and chlorine. To remove any tarnish, we recommend routinely wiping your sterling silver jewellery with a silver or gold polishing cloth. Regular wear of Viktor Alexander products can also help reduce and prevent tarnishing.

Jewellery can last a lifetime with proper and regular maintenance, please follow the maintenance guide below: –

– When not in use, store it within the pouch or boxes provided by the brand.

– You must avoid direct exposure with chemicals such as perfume, grease, alcohol based chemicals that can cause severe tarnishing on the precious metal.

– Gently clean any jewelry with specialized silver & gold polishing cloth or solutions without the usage of any harsh harmful chemicals. You may alternatively bring the product for cleaning and polishing at our authorized retailers or boutiques.

– Avoid regular exposure to moisture that can cause tarnishing to silver and gold. Use a clean cloth to regularly wipe and remove grease and dirt on the silver or gold surfaces.

– Plating on the surface may be easily scratched and removed by rough use or over polishing, please exercise restraint and caution when wearing your jewellery products.

– Avoid contact with rough or abrasive materials that can scratch the surface of the product and cause irreversible damage.

– Any servicing or repairs should be carried out by professional jewelers or authorized repair centers.


Gemstones used by Viktor Alexander are 100% natural and exudes different properties of hardness, luster and colour. All natural gemstones contain very minor flaws such as crystals and inclusions and should not be viewed as a defect or imperfections.  Crystalline gemstones such as amethyst, topaz, zircon, garnet, peridot and citrine may attract oils and lotions which can cause the gemstone to appear dull and lacking in lustre. This can be resolved by cleaning the jewellery with mild dish soap and a gentle brush.

– Do not expose gemstone to intense or direct heat that can cause the discolouration or crack within these natural gemstones.

– Avoid hard knocks or rough surfaces that can permanently damage or dislodge these natural gemstones. Chemicals such as ammonia or potent acids may alter the gemstones natural properties, so avoid direct contact with harmful chemicals.

– Gently clean gemstones with cotton swabs to remove dirt and grease on gemstones.

– Any gemstones that become dislodged can be serviced by an authorized service center or boutique. Please do not attempt to re-set the gems on your own.

Our sales representatives are available should you need further information or assistance.


All Viktor Alexander products are manufactured with quality materials sourced from the finest tanneries in Europe to ensure durability, comfort and elegance. All leathers are 100% natural top grain calf leather. Sometimes, slight colour variations and small imperfections can occur on the leather as these are part of the natural characteristics of the leather and should not be considered imperfections or defects. You may alternatively request for professional assistance from our trained customer service representative for more information on different ways to care for your leather goods.


To enjoy your bag or accessory and preserve its natural characteristics, we recommend you to pay attention to the following:

– In order to retain its original shape, the bag must not be over-filled. This will also prevent possible damage to the shoulder strap, fasteners, zippers and clasps.

– You should avoid exposing contact with direct water or chemicals, which can potentially damage the leather, causing irreversible changes to the leather. Discoloration may also occur when leather absorbs moisture and oils from your skin.

– With immediate exposure to water or moisture, be sure to absorb any moisture immediately using a soft dry cloth. Do not wipe directly but pad it with a soft cotton cloth.

– Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or intense heat, as it may cause the colour of the leather to fade.

– Avoid contact with grease, cream, perfume and oil based make-up.

– Avoid contact with rough or abrasive materials that can damage the surface of the leather.


– In the event of stain, use only specialized cleaning products designed for leather   goods. Alternatively, consider sending the product to a professional bag spa or leather specialist.

– Grease marks can be removed with unscented talcum powder. Pour some over the stain, keep it overnight and brush it off with a soft and clean brush.

– Minor scratches can potentially be removed by rubbing gently on the scratch using a circular movement and a clean dry cotton pad.

– Avoid exposing the metal accessories such as zipper, brand related hardware to harsh chemicals or rough surfaces to avoid discoloration and  scratches.

– Your leather goods often come with a custom dust pouch for additional protection Exercise extra care if your leather products come with metal chains that could potentially damage or stain the bags over prolonged period of storage, as it should be removed and stored inside the bag.

Our sales representatives are available should you need further information or assistance.

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