Frequently Asked Questions



How do I determine my ring size?

Viktor Alexander uses the US Ring sizing system starting from size 4 to size 11. You can also download the RING SIZE GUIDE that you can print out to determine your ring size. When you are unsure, always opt for the bigger size.

Can I adjust my ring size if I gain weight ?

For some but not all designs, it is possible to adjust the ring size within ½ size bigger. For resizing, we always advice you to consult nearest boutique or authorized retailer. The process of adjusting ring sizes requires removal of silver and this process is irreversible often. So always ensure that you purchase the optimal size that fits your intended fingers.

How do I determine my bracelet size?

Our 925 bracelets comes in three sizes Small, Medium and Large. To be sure, you may download our BRACELET SIZE GUIDE which you can print out to determine the perfect bracelet size. The easiest way to determine your bracelet size is to always measure the circumference of your wrist and compare it to our measurement chart. When unsure, always consult your nearest Viktor Alexander Boutique or Authorized Retailer.

How do I select the best sizing options for customizable bracelet?

We always provide a size guide chart that can be either viewed from the products page tab or it can be downloaded from the link provided.

How do I determine my belt size?

We follow the European belt sizing that is used by most Italian and French luxury brands. If unsure, reference any belts you own from other renowned luxury brand which should correspond to our size chart as well. We provide 2 size charts and recommendations in the respective product pages which would advice you on how to select the belts. They key to purchasing the right belt is properly measuring your where your often wear your belt (waistline/hip bone) and prior to taking the measurement, we would also advice you to measure when already wearing a pants/jeans on for more accurate readings.

Measuring without a pants may provide inaccurate readings as the belt is often fastened to the loops on your pants or jeans.  

Can I exchange for a new size should I purchase the wrong size ?

It is possible to exchange a new size provided the product is unworn without any cosmetic damages. The cost of return will have to be borne by you during the return process. A new size will only be shipped out complimentary once the original purchase has been received.


Can I return my purchases ?

You can choose to return your purchases provided the product is unused and unworn with no cosmetic damages. All the protective layers would also have to remain intact for the products to be accepted. Returns must be processed within 72 hours of official receipt of the product. Any cosmetic damages such as small scratches on 925 silver products will not be accepted as the product would need to be reserviced and cannot be sold to other customers until it is restored to the optimal retail condition.

Initial shipping charges will be deducted from the total payment should you choose to return the product and you would received refunded original product price less shipping cost.

Can I cancel my purchase ?

Generally, your orders will be processed within 24 hours of payment and confirmation. Within this 24 hours, you may contact our customer service representative via our CONTACT US page. Once the product is shipped, we will not be able to cancel your order and you would have to choose to return the product to us in which the shipping fees will be deducted from the total amount to be refunded to you.

Guarantee of product quality ?

Our team are trained to inspect every product following a checklist before it is shipped out to ensure every product is certified in optimal retail condition. To ensure there is no damage or cosmetic imperfections, our team will also photograph each product with its code before shipping it out so that you have a reference in the event the customs department open the parcel or the logistics service provider unknowingly damaged the products.


Is it safe to pay using your credit card ?

It is incredibly safe to pay using your Credit Card as the system adopted by our payment gateway is used by retailers across the globe with multiple facades of security protection to ensure 100% secure payment transaction. None of your card information is stored within our website and is handled only by our vendors which will not retain any of your credit card details.

You can also choose to pay using PayPal which is a trusted payment service provider for more than 20 years of security establishment.

Are all our personal information safe ?

We do our utmost best to ensure our website is secure by having our IT team and personnel check through the system every 72 hours for any potential threats or spyware. We do not store your information except for your email and address for shipping.

Can I pay using a bank transfer ?

Should you wish to pay using a bank transfer, you may CONTACT US in which we would provide you banking details for you to transfer using Telegraphic Transfer. For all Foreign Telegraphic Transfers, the minimum transaction amount to qualify is USD 500 per transaction.

What other modes of payment are available ?

We always advice our customers for payment security purposes to select using our secure Credit Card Processing Vendor. However, for those who prefer other methods of payment such as Western Union, please contact us for further details.

Wechat and Alibaba payment is also available for those using these payment portals.


What happens if my shipment is delayed or missing?

All shipments are made using Registered Post in which there is always a tracking number using your National Postal Carrier. There is always potential for delays due to bad weather conditions but in general most parcels are received within 14 days.

If your items are missing during the shipping transit process without reaching your door or hands. Our team of experts will be ready to assist in tracing the product. If it is verified that the product you order was misplaced or missing during the shipping process, we will replace a brand new product to you and provide you with another shipping tracking number.

What if I decide to change shipping methods from regular to express shipping after payment ?

Should you decide to change the shipping method to expedite the shipping process, we would advice you to contact us within 48 hours of payment so we can withhold the export of the parcel and liaise with the logistics company. We will have to generate a separate payment invoice in which it will be processed via PayPal and sent to your email for payment processing. Upon payment verification, we will ship out the parcel using the expedited Express Shipping Provider.

What if there is a shipping delay due to restocking ?

Sometimes, an item can be out of stock and is in the process of being stocked. If you have placed an order and it has taken a few days for us to restock the product. We will upgrade the shipping complimentary to Priority Express Shipping with no additional charge. This will ensure we cut down the delivery time to deliver within the promised 14 days.


Do you work with Corporations for special editions and customized orders ?

Across the years, we have had expertise of working with large corporations to create custom products produced and branded by Viktor Alexander from pendants for Charity Groups, custom watch models for Supercar Owner’s Groups to Belt Buckle gifts sets for Private Banking customers. We have expertise in creating various products that cater to the needs and wishes for our customers.

Besides co-branding our products with your corporations, you may also customized leather colours, custom buckle designs, custom jewellery design to customized packaging just for your special occasion.

Viktor Alexander also has special editions that are catered as door gifts to weddings and important milestone ceremonies to celebrate that incredibly special occasion.

What is the minimum quantity for customized co-branded orders?

We can start from 25 pieces for custom co-branded jewellery products to 50 pieces for more complex creations such as our watches and belts. Our service representatives are always ready to work with you throughout this process to achieve your dream creation.


I want to speak to someone. What is the best way to contact us ?

At Viktor Alexander, we understand the importance of communication in being the key to a long term relationship. The fastest way to reach us is through our CONTACT US page. You may also choose to use our LIVE CHAT feature in our page to contact our team.

On top of all the ways we have provided you to communicate with us. There are also ways to communicate with us through our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram chat functions in which we will respond within 12 hours.

I need someone to follow up on our problem or shipment. What should I do ?

We treat problems in shipment or product defect very seriously. In the event there is any issues that require constant addressing and communication. We will provide you with a WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal/Line/WeChat/Kakao/Zalo user ID or number in which you can have constant direct communication to resolve any issues.

Can I communicate with someone on the issue of sizing selection or to view the products ?

We have established a new service in which our sales team can conduct a Zoom Presentation Conference Call to show you the product and explain in detailed the products so assist in your decision making process. All you need to do is to have a Skype, Zoom account to participate in this one-to-one special digital presentation.

Prior to this, you would also need to notify us the products in which you would want to view and discuss and our boutique sales team will prepare these products in advance to showcase to you.

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