About Us


At Baccarat & Company(Co.), we believe in honouring our traditional legacy,yet redefining a path that reflects what the future holds as progress forward. Keeping to our heritage, where our artisan jewellery craftsman heralds from Arezzo, a city off Tuscany that is famed for producing some of the best goldsmiths to silverware stamped with Italian Silver. A recognition bestowed by the Italian government to affirm silver jewellery produced entirely in Italy. Baccarat also works with some the finest leather workshops found in Florence (Firenze), that has produced leather goods and brands  that are renowned across the world. In an ever changing world, Baccarat & Co strives to achieve the perfect harmony of harnessing old world craft infused with new world materials.

With the globalisation of manufacturing and sourcing, we strive to adapt and produce products that are synonymous with quality yet maintaining the craftsmanship found in our heritage. It is our core principal and DNA that our team of Italian and European designers continuously create new collections and products that adhere to our legacy while exploring new materials and production facilities across the globe from Europe to Asia. In reinventing our future, our designers and craftsman believe in harnessing our traditional jewel/watchmaking craft while fusing it with the materials of tomorrow. From the everlasting lustre of highly scratch resistant Ceramic to the lightweight hardiness of Forged Carbon Fiber used in the most advanced luxury cars. Our journey towards constantly reinventing ourselves will ensure our customers enjoy an experience that combines the best of both the past and future.

Design is at the core of our evolution, followed by utilising modern materials and technique in creating the hallmarks of tomorrow. Baccarat features a wide variety of product categories that reflect our passion towards conceptualising a lifestyle brand that focuses on luxury accessories. From the classic jewellery beloved by our ardent followers to the newly conceptualised timepieces that reflect a much more modern, versatile accessory catered to the young connoisseurs. We charter a path forward by retaining our tradition and legacy while constantly exploring and experimenting on new materials and techniques to craft a better future together with our customers.


Baccarat & Co. believes in utilitarian and practical designs that not only cater to the aesthetics of the product but the functionality from our customer’s perspective. Working with only top leathers manufacturers from ISO certified tanneries across the globe, our aim is to create a fine balance between design and functionality. As technology has evolved, modernised and improved, some elements of our products remain crafted entirely by hand to ensure our tradition endures even with modern production technique and supply chain to ensure quality assurances.

Functionality is at the core of our leather goods, from the abundance in card and storage compartments to practical carry-alls that can fit your mobile, cards and cash money. Our products needs to be practical in catering to the modern customer’s requirements. Emphasising on weight, we try to keep our leather products sturdy yet lightweight which are capable of enduring long term usage and timely wear and tear. Our designs are unique to Baccarat & Co. and are always designed with our customers in mind.

Baccarat is also renowned for our belts for both man and ladies, boasting durability crafted from 316L Stainless Steel with its distinctive design to the unique Verona leather imbued with its wavey texture on top grain calf leather. Our belts are easily interchangeable by removing the screws with a special tool provided by our retailers that can allow customers to utilise other types of belts sharing the same width with our buckles.


Our timepieces, though without a heritage and tenure comparable to brands with decades and centuries in Swiss watchmaking, does showcase our commitment to crafting only highly precise instruments of timekeeping for future generations . Baccarat boast our own design DNA and a timeless classic watch line-up that reflects modern materials inspired by sports automotive. With a variety of complications from the utilitarian GMT complication to the timekeeping accuracy of chronometer certified Chronograph mechanisms, Baccarat offers a line-up of watches that are manufactured with utmost precision. From our basic models scaling upwards to special edition series such as GT which represents Granturismo, SV which represents SuperVeloce and SP which represents Special Project collaboration. Each series within the line-up represents a unique reinterpretation of our timeless classic model.

SPORTS (S) Edition

Our sports variant comes with a special black PVD Coating and intense super-luminova indexes trimmed with striking colours such as yellow, orange, hot pink to neon blue and flaming red. Equipped with a sapphire caseback that is coated with a special ceramic coloured tint that is not only scratch resistant but also enhances the overall appearance of the watch. Aesthetically, our Sports (S) editions builds onto the base model with a younger, trendier allure.


Luxury cars that feature a GT edition often go the extra distance in providing comfort for long distance driving pleasure without compromising on performance. Our GT Editions reflect the same DNA in utilising lightweight yet hardy grade 5 titanium case that bestows all-day wrist comfort while adding special features such as meteorite or natural stone dials. Our GT edition also features a vulcanised rubber base with leather façade strap combination that offers absolute style, comfort and durability perfect for everyday use.


SuperVeloce super car editions often represents an engineering leap forward, featuring rare elements such as full carbon fiber chassis for increased weight efficiency, further enhanced by turbo-charging the engine and drive performance from its base car models. Our Baccarat SV variants feature the same engineering leap such as a full forged carbon case with forged carbon dials powered by a Swiss Crafted movement. Light in weight but packed with performance, our SV editions are sure to showcase the best of both classic and modern attributes, while maintaining the DNA of our classic icons. Paired with a Kevlar Velcro strap mechanism, the SV Editions are engineered for ultimate performance and aesthetical pleasure.


Special projects are often custom built cars in collaboration or sometimes commissioned by  federations or corporations. Baccarat & Co. SP editions often features collaborations with other renowned brands or artist that conspire with our creative designers to create special dials, straps or treatments on our watch cases that are truly unique beyond comparisons. These projects often come with a limited edition production run of 99 pieces and are awarded to customers on a bidding or allocation basis by our boutique or retailers. These pieces will often not be available for sale online but you may place your interest directly with us prior to the official launch globally.


An art form heralding from the past transformed into an expression of character for the future, Baccarat & Co. Jewellery is a form of referencing the past to represent a bolder, forward looking future. Our heritage pieces often express contrasting textures and patterns that are bold yet universally timeless for both man and woman. Our new collection carries on this DNA with a mixture of contrasting textures paired with Art Deco motifs. Our designers also strive to recreate a balanced  collection that universally cherished and adorned by both man and ladies together to represent a symbol of harmony and unity.


Bold, textured, and visually captivating, the Firenzo collection exudes a classical balance between clean minimalistic bands juxtapositioned with emboldened textures that makes you want to run your fingers constantly through various textures of the rings and bracelets. Designed to be worn by both man and women, the Firenzo series of rings, pendants and bracelets can be worn individually to stand out and captivate or paired with your beloved accessories such as watches and fitness wearables.

Gemstones are a vital but sometimes subtle component gently infused to further draw your attention towards the finer details. All gemstones used by Baccarat & Co. are 100% naturally mined from ethical sources and cut according to international standards. Our artisans during the early years mused with semi-precious gemstones while in the rare occasion employ precious sapphires,rubies and diamonds to adorn our more prestigious pieces. With big chunky semi-precious gemstones adorning our heritage crafted jewellery, our modern collection combines the fusion and balance of design and gemstone with neither overpowering another.

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